Olive-or-Oliver is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes music, theatre, performance, video, and visual art.  They use the singular gender pronoun “they”, instead of “he” or “she”, as a gender-neutral alternative.

(Check this out: http://theyismypronoun.tumblr.com/why)

Since 2010, they’ve entertained audiences across Toronto and internationally with music, performance art, and circus-burlesque, including at the Toronto International Burlesque Festival, World Pride, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Nuit Blanche.

Since 2012, they have been working on a solo musical project, composing original songs accompanied by the use of a loop pedal, and performing at select events around Toronto.

They have received multiple awards for their circus-burlesque, including “Top Homo 2012” at Portland, Oregon’s Homo’s Got Talent Dance-Off Competition, and “Best Variety Act” at Strip Search 2010. They are also the recipient of two playwriting grants through the Ontario Arts Council and are a graduate of the Young Creators’ Unit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

Olive-or-Oliver’s first and only short film, “Morning”, debuted as part of the 2012 Inside Out Queer Video Mentorship Project, and since then has screened numerous times throughout Toronto, as well as at international festivals in San Francisco, Seoul, Seattle, and Hong Kong.

Olive-or-Oliver is white, historically middle-class, disabled, a trauma survivor, queer, trans, a former sex worker, a witch, a Radical Faerie, and sometimes a womyn. All of these identities inform their perspective and work.